Mrs. Elena Heil, Head of School

Mr. Ted Stonbely, Director of Admissions and Communications

Mrs. Stephanie Grimes, Business Manager

Mr. Matthew Heil, Director of Development

Mr. Michael Lauher, Facilities Manager

Sr. Adan Rodriguez, Facilities & Grounds

Toddler Program

Mrs. Patricia Hoskins, Toddler Directress

Mrs. Patricia Mendoza, Assistant

Primary 1

Miss Elizabeth Monaghan, Primary 1 Directress

Ms. Kira Hoskins, Primary 1 Assistant

Sra. Lucero Guzman, Primary 1 Assistant

Mrs. Danielle Carpy, Primary 1 & 2 Assistant

Primary 2

Mrs. Roberta Cummesky, Primary 2 Directress

Mrs. Samantha Meza, Primary 2 Assistant

Sra. Lourdes Balderas, Primary 2 Assistant

Elementary 1

Mrs. Delvina Christian, Elementary 1 Guide / Elementary Program Coordinator

Mrs. Katie Chagonjian, Elementary 1 Assistant

Sra. Georgina Gavaldon, Elementary 1Assistant

Elementary 2

Mrs. Katherine Carattini, Elementary 2 Guide

Sra. Aida “Chary” Albuja, Elementary 2 Assistant

Elementary 3

Mrs. Renee Lloyd, Elementary 3 Guide

Sra. Margarita Murillo, Elementary 3 Assistant

Adolescent Program

Mr. Alexander Heil, Program Director

Mrs.  Jennifer Heil, Lead Teacher

Miss Kiera Louttit, Program Assistant / Occupations

Sra. Georgina Gavaldon, Spanish Language Teacher

Sra. Beatriz Bell, Spanish Language Teacher

Ms. Courtney Delello, Farmer & Occupations Instructor

Ms. Chelsea Cox, Farm Assistant

Mr. Rob Keller, Occupations / Beekeeping

Mr. Michael Lauher, Occupations Instructor

Mrs. Abi Palmer, Classics Instructor

Ms. Erika Trez, Music

Mr. Grant Showley, Music & Culinary Arts

Mrs. Erin Ramsey, Culinary Arts

Mr. Jeff Farmer, Mathematics

Mr. Dave Massaro, Occupations Instructor


Mr. Jim Cummesky, AP Occupations Instructor, Elementary Resource Teacher

Mrs. Stephanie Grimes, Athletic Director/Physical Education

Mrs. Delvina Christian, Special Education

Ms. Michael Ann Jacobson, Elementary Learning Specialist

Mrs. Colleen Stonbely, Primary & Elementary Resource Teacher