Saturday, March 4, 2017
Dinner & Drinks
Silent & Live Auction
Gaming Room & Dancing


Secret Agents: Your assignment is to create a profile and start your mission immediately.


Acquire a passport here to secure your attendance at

FESTA 2017 | Shaken, Not Stirred!

Purchase Your ticket and tickets for the agents on your team.

Acquire intel on top-secret events to infiltrate. Many events require your masterful disguise. Register to become a Mobile bidder.

Urgency is paramount in securing your admittance.


Acquire raffle tickets here to try your luck at obtaining your own personal instant wine cellar of 100 bottles of hand selected Napa County varietals.

Mission: Purchase as many raffle tickets as you like.

Every agent must be well versed in the quality of unparalleled wine lots. Research, memorize and submerse yourself in intel before the mission.                                          Register to become a mobile bidder.

Mission: Acquire as many lots as possible during the event.


Every top notch agent will need to preview this document throughly to be well versed in which lots to acquire prior to and during the event.

Mission: Study this document prior to March 4, 2017

Top Secret acquisition of exquisite items is a key factor in adding to your spy agent repertoire.

Mission: Acquire as many items as possible.


Will you be missing in action the day of the event?

No problem, you may still participate in the live auction by proxy and in the wine auction with mobile bidding.

We have several secret agents on hand to cover for you the night of the event.

Please register ahead of time, and let us know which items peak your interest.

Please complete the above PDF and fax, email or return to SHMS office by 12 noon on March 4, 2017

Register here to become a mobile bidder

Headquarters realizes that agents are constantly on the run.  Register as a mobile bidder immediately so that you are able to acquire lots both remotely and during the FESTA | Shaken, Not Stirred event.

Mission: Acquire as many lots as possible.